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The most beloved products of Gaux Girls everywhere.

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The Sandal

Summer, meet your match.

The Heel

With an elegant shape and our signature attention to comfort and detail, our new heel answers the age-old question, "Where the heck can I find a comfortable heel?"

The Demi

A supremely comfortable, off-duty take on the ballerina flat. Available in three widths for an effortlessly perfect fit, even on your most casual days.

The Loafer

The iconic wardrobe stable, exquisitely reimagined.

The Pointe

The tapered toe you like meets the comfortable, structured fit you love. Available in three widths and a made-to-measure fit.

Which fit option do you prefer?

The Slipper

The ultimate indulgence: A ballerina slipper crafted from a soft cashmere knit.