Modern Shoes for Modern Women

We’re on a mission to make thoughtfully designed, versatile, and most importantly, comfortable shoes that stand the test of time.

Margaux was born from our search for beautiful, wear-everywhere shoes that kept us comfortable on our feet—no matter where the day took us.

As we began designing that perfect wear-everywhere shoe, we realized we needed to rethink the footwear sizing equation altogether. With fewer size options available to women than ever before, most cannot find their perfect fit. Size inclusivity in ready-to-wear was finally catching on, but in footwear? Unheard of. So we decided to build a brand that changed the way women (like us!) shop for shoes, giving them access to an unparalleled size range and extended width options. So slip on our shoes, get gauxing, and take on your day. We'll be there to support you every step of the way.

We believe in fit for every body...

Since the very beginning we’ve been committed to helping every woman find her perfect fit—regardless of size. That’s why we offer three widths and US 3 to 14, along with a best-in-class suite of concierge options that makes finding your just-right fit easy. From one-on-one phone calls with a dedicated fit specialist to private video appointments (and the option to chat for immediate assistance), our fit experts are committed to helping find your perfect size.

... that comfort and style go hand in hand

We’ve also never been willing to sacrifice comfort for style. So, we engineer each silhouette for all-day comfort from the ground up, combining advanced technical design with heritage craftsmanship at our family-owned factory in Spain to make products that stand the test of time (and wear). With our signature plush foam padding in every sole, your pair of Margaux shoes will take you everywhere you need to gaux with style—and comfort.

… and that there’s nothing more important than community.

Our gaux girls inspire everything we do—and hearing from you is something we truly cherish. From the content we create, like our interview series with inspiring women and virtual book club, to chatting on Instagram, getting to know the community who supports us is an integral part of building this brand. We’re here to talk about anything and everything and love receiving feedback and thoughts. Send us a note at any time—we’d love to get to know you.