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At Hill House Home and Margaux, we're all about life's little indulgences: Curling up in a crisp set of sheets, slipping into a favorite pair of feel-good shoes, and - every once and a while (or every day, really) - hitting "snooze." That's why we teamed up to create a delightful, giftable set of our brands' coziest items.
This delightful bundle features an embroidered miniature pillow, made in France by Hill House Home, and a pair of our covetable wool-cashmere slippers, made by yours truly in Spain. Here's to snoozing in style, from our home to yours! 
Orders will ship the week of December 11, 2017.


Select your desired slipper size below. Our slippers are available in whole European sizes 33-45.

(size chart)

This gift set features our best-selling slipper in a (new!) navy hue, made from a pillowy blend of 70% wool and 30% Mongolian cashmere, and Hill House Home's trademark miniature pillow in a brushed cotton sateen.

Hill House Home's scalloped edges and full flanges deliver a smooth, elegant look, while the crisp navy embroidery adds an extra playful punch. All pillowcases are finished with envelope enclosures—two overlapping pieces of fabric that keep the pillow neatly tucked in. The miniature pillow measures 12" by 16". Our slippers feature a feminine cashmere bow, plush quilted innersoles, and a rubber-padded nubuck outsole for extended wear.

We recommend washing the miniature pillows alone to prevent discoloration, tangling and pilling. Machine wash in warm water and tumble-drying on a low setting. Do not bleach. While our slipper is designed to be worn solely indoors, we added rubber pads to protect the nubuck sole from wear. Spot clean the cashmere using gentle soap and water. Please contact us with any questions about caring for or cleaning either of these items.

Size Conversion Chart

We encourage everyone to double-check their standard size as sizing scales can vary from one manufacturer to another. Our standard-size pairs are handcrafted in Spain by experienced craftsmen who have engineered these pairs for all-day comfort and a tailored fit.

33 3 21.1
33.5 3.5 21.5
34 4 21.8
34.5 4.5 22.1
35 5 22.5
35.5 5-5.5 22.8
36 5.5 23.1
36.5 6-6.5 23.5
37 6.5-7 23.8
37.5 7 24.1
38 7.5 24.5
38.5 8 24.8
39 8.5 25.1
39.5 8.5-9 25.5
40 9-9.5 25.8
40.5 9.5 26.1
41 10 26.5
41.5 10.5 26.8
42 11 27.2
42.5 11-11.5 27.5
43 11.5-12 27.8
43.5 12 28.2
44 12.5 28.5
44.5 13 28.8
45 13.5-14 29.2

*Foot length in centimeters