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The Anatomy of The Fitting Kit

August 23, 2016

We’ve always intended Margaux to be a digitally-native brand – A decision we made because the medium allows us to deliver products that are beautifully created of high-quality materials at a fair price. That said, we also believe in the power of tactile encounters, and wanted to provide a branded, physical touchpoint that all consumers – no matter where they lived – could experience.

That in mind, we understood that we had the particular challenge of first, educating the customer on quality and fit; second, making the measuring process accessible and easy; and third, equipping the interested customer with all the tools they’d need to take their measurements, from a pencil and booklet to jot down their measurements, to a tape measure.

To us, “smart design” means design that’s well-suited to meet the demands of modern life, both in comfort and in style. The Fitting Kit is the embodiment of that sentiment: thoughtful instructions and contents that make ordering a made-to-measure pair effortless and interactive. Each kit includes the following:

The Fitting Stick While we consider this the most essential component of the kit, it’s also a relatively new addition, as it was only introduced in June 2016. It’s essentially a custom-crafted wooden ruler with a heel stop and toe slide that allows you to measure length, width, and heel width quickly and accurately.

A tape measureThe flexible tape measure included in the kit is used for measuring volume at the ball of the foot. It’s also a handy item to keep in your desk drawer or purse. 

Suede swatchesAnother new addition! We now include swatches of our 15 season-less Classic suedes, so that customers can touch and feel the material, choose their first (and second, and third) colors, and appreciate the quality of the leathers used.

The Fitting GuideThis little booklet walks you step by step through the measurement process, and gives you a space to jot down your measurements if you’re taking them “offline.” It directly corresponds with the “How to Measure” section on our site, so that it’s clear where to enter measurements when you’re ready to place your made-to-measure order.

When it comes to finding your perfect fit we always say to consider the following: First and foremost, color! Celebrating color year-round has become our brand’s signature. We always encourage customers to look beyond the basics towards adventurous colors that can bring a bit of dash to any look. That’s why the suede swatches included in each fitting kit are so valuable: It brings each color to life in a way a website cannot.

Second, fit. A number of customers write to us asking whether they should order a standard size or a made-to-measure pair. The Fitting Kit is a great place to start if you’re unsure, as you can use it to take your measurements and compare them to our size guide online. You can also send them in to, our customer care line, so that our team can review them and make a size recommendation based on your measurement profile.

The “perfect pair” – above all – means a pair of ballerina flats that makes you feel beautiful, confident, and chic when you slip them on. It’s the pair you could wear anywhere, with anything and always feel appropriately dressed (and of course, comfortable)!

Hey Gaux Girls – We just introduced a referral program through our Fitting Kit, which is also included in each kit sent out. You’ll receive a personal referral code that can be used by up to five friends for $15 off their first order from Margaux. And as a thank you for sharing your kit, we’ll credit your account $15 in return! Shop our new Fitting Kit here.


Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux